Friday, October 25, 2013

Customized Therapeutics LLC Website Redesign Initiated

Customized Therapeutics LLC (CTL) is a privately held physician-driven, bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the recognized needs of patients with catastrophic illnesses.   It is a goal of CTL to find cure and target and treat seemingly incurable diseases through efforts and research in human genome, nano targeting medicine delivery system, and fully human antibodies, among others.

The founder of the company, Dr. O. Odujinrin MD MPH FACP, wished for their website to be updated.   IndoWill has agreed to redesign their website, incorporating responsive design technology.  It is our mutual goal to ensure the new website to reflect the advanced biotechnology being developed by the company.   

As of the time of this writing, the development is progressing very well.  Indowill has also conducted preliminary review of the website with CTL.   It is our pleasure, to state that CTL is pleased with the work that has been completed so far.    Update will continue to be posted on this blog.

Friday, July 5, 2013

It's Responsive!

After 3 weeks of development time, is now fully responsive!  The website will automatically respond to the type of device you're using to view it.

You can also resize your browser window to see the responsive design at work.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

Today is July 4th.   America is celebrating it's 237th year of freedom.

In the spirit of independence, I recalled the events leading to Indonesia's own independence.

I recall the events leading to the fall of the Japanese empire. It was a time of uncertainty. When the whole world is at war.  For the second time.   The nations of Europe was fighting the  German / Italian regime, while in Asia, Japan expanded its borders. They swiftly capturing many Asian nations.

In a pre-calculated move, Japan swiftly destroyed America's navy in 1941 during the attack on Pearl Harbor completely destroyed America's ability to intervene their conquest of Asia.

That didn't stop America from retaliating.  After fierce continued fight over the Pacific, in August 1945, America released a weapon of unprecedented destruction over Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

That moment turn the tide of war in Asia.

Because of that critical moment, the empire of Japan realized that they have lost the war, and began to pull out from South East Asia.

That singular, swift, and deadly attack changed the course of history for many Asian countries.
Thus was borne the independence of many Asian nations.  China, Korea, Phillippines, Samoan islands, Malaysia, and many more.

And Indonesia.  The land of my birth.

Indonesia and America may not see eye-to-eye all the time.  But Indonesia may not have been a free country if it's not for the American intervention.

It's true that Indonesians did have to defend their declaration of Independence from the Dutch, the old masters of the East Indies.  A bloody conflict that took the lives of over 5000 dutchmen, and 100000 Indonesians.  But that's another story.

Today, I do remember that once, America too was under an oppressive power.  Driven by greed, (it's always about greed), England was trying hard to tighten the grip over the 13 colonies in the new world.  The colonists disagreed with the subjugation by the empire of Britain and extremely unfair taxation practices.

So what did Americans do?  They fight.  They fight for their right to determine their own destiny.  For the basic human right to live free.

The cost of freedom is  high.  It's always is.  It was a bloody fight, a very costly war, in terms of finance and life.

But you simply cannot put the price on freedom.

Two hundred thirty seven years later, a few of us realize how much freedom cost.

For Indonesia it is only a  68 years.   And a lot of Indonesians already forgot about what it takes to earn that freedom.

So, today I lift up my cup, for all of us share.    A basic right that we often forget, and fail to cherish.  Often not only after it has been taken from us.

We may not see eye to eye.  We may disagree on the motives and various actions called by leadership of this country.  But today, we celebrate what it means to be free.  Why we fight for freedom, and why we will not cease to pick up arms, until the last of our dying breath, to defend what is rightfully ours.  

Here is to to life liberty, and pursuit of happiness.  Let freedom ring, from sea to shining sea!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Getting Responsive: Let's talk about Responsive Design

IndoWill's new website is being completed as you read this.  The contact form has been completed, and its functionality is being tested its functionality.

We're still working on the responsive design aspect.  What is responsive design you ask?   It's a relatively new concept of designing a website while ensuring it shows up best regardless of screen size.  

This came up in response to the demand of users of wanting to browse the web not only from their computers.  Today, your audience view your websites through a multitude of devices.  Websites are no longer viewed using a desktop computer or  laptops, but through mobile devices, like Apple iPhones, iPad, and any other smart phones and tablets..        

Speaking of Apple iPhone and iPads, these newer devices may look like it has a small screen, but it has what Apple is calling a Retina display.  These retina display. has much greater pixel density than normal displays.   What it means is, it allows the display to cram more detail per small area, allowing it to produce much sharper images than regular displays - the images are so sharp that a human eye cannot see the pixelation.

Why is this important? Sharper displays is great news, right? Who doesn't want sharper, brighter, and clearer images?   However this presents a new challenge for web designers.  Now smaller screen like for an iPhone, which is about  480 "pixels" wide and  320 pixels tall, is actually not so.  The new retina display packs roughly 10 times a much pixel in what used to be 1 regular pixel.  The new iPhone 5 / 4S, measured in inches,    1 inch of screen size now contains 336 pixels, when it used to contain much less.  That means the screen may look small, but the actual resolution is comparable to a larger monitor screen, packed into a tiny screen.

Back to responsive design, a well designed website will need to provide a good readable interface regardless of the screen size.  Now we add the complexity of retina display into the mix. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

If You Are Not Online, You Are Missing Out!

Here is a simple fact:  We look for information on the internet all the time.

We search for ways to make our lives easier, learn to do things, looking for directions, read the news, watch videos, and much more.

We used to only search on the computer.  With smartphones, and tablets, now we search for things everywhere, all the time.

We search during our commute, when waiting for people, while relaxing, while working out.

By the end of 2012, the vastly emerging market in Asia has over 1 billion internet users.  Europe is at 500 million, and North America at about 270 million.

That is a lot of people, and the numbers are not slowing down.

If you are a small business owner, and your business is NOT on the internet, you are missing out on a lot of potential business.

If you already have a website, you have to ask the following questions: Is your website easy for your users to use?  Does it clearly state what your business is about? Does it deliver what you want to deliver to your customer?

The truth is, your website is a reflection of you and your business. A well designed, easy-to-use site can be the difference between a potential customer contacting you, or going to your competitors.

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